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I have known Nadya Mikhaylova since September 2004 when my six-year-old daughter, Jordyn, began taking piano lessons from her. I was present at every lesson and had the pleasure of watching the positive interaction between Nadya and my daughter.

Nadyas love of playing and teaching were evident right from the start. She teaches with serious approach, but does so in friendly, warm and encouraging environment. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of reading and playing music, I was always impressed by Nadyas attention to technique, especially in the areas of correct hand position, wrist motion, and body position. She consistently and patiently modeled and encouraged correct techniques. I know from experience that these important techniques are often neglected by other teachers. []

Its my pleasure to recommend Nadya Mikhaylova as a piano teacher. She is the type of teacher anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano, and play well, would love to have. []


Judy P.



I am delighted to recommend Nadya Mikhaylova as a piano instructor. Nadya is herself a truly extraordinary pianist, playing with effortless technical skill and refined musical sensitivity. She is attentive to the smallest details of performance, not simply in terms of adherence to the score, but also in terms of the style and historical context of the piece. She is a joy to listen to.


During the course of her tenure at Kirkwood, Nadya has scheduled several of her students to perform during church services, feeling that it is beneficial for them to have an audience. Uniformly, they have been well-prepared, regardless of age. Their repertoire has been appropriate and sensitively played, something I as a fellow piano-teacher appreciate.

I cannot recommend Nadya too highly. Any student would be fortunate to have such a teacher one who is so musically gifted, with such high standards; and one who has such patience, who works so hard, and who has such a kind and generous heart.


Penelope Biskey




My son, Vladimir Smirnov, has studied piano with Nadya Mikhaylova for four years. Under her guidance, Vladimir has grown tremendously both as a pianist and as a musician. Nadya is very attentive and detailed in her teaching and she strives for perfection in her students playing. Her lessons are outstanding in their richness and saturation. Her quality of instruction is evident in the performance quality that her students demonstrate in class recitals. Under her guidance my son was prepared and confident at recitals as well as his college audition, where he not only was accepted, but also received a scholarship for his performance (Virginia Tech Music Department). Nadya imparts on her students not only an understanding of good technique but also of the larger meaning of the music. I consider Nadya Mikhaylova an extremely talented pedagogue who is able to find an individual approach to each particular student and to open to him the world of music. I highly recommend Nadya Mikhaylova as a piano teacher.


Marina Smirnova



My daughter, Maria Boeva, studied with Nadya Mikhaylova during the years 2002-2005. During this period of time my daughter participated in many events such as contests, festivals, and competitions. Here are some significant achievements:

        Selection for honor recital at Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Judged Recital (2005)

        Honor recognition at James Bland Music Scholarship Competition (2005)

        3rd place at Excellence in the Arts competition (2005)

        Honorable Mentions at Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association Judged Recitals (2004, 2005)

        2nd place at James Bland Music Scholarship Competition (2004)

        2nd place at Excellence in the Arts competition (2003)

        Music Achievement Certificate (2003, 2004, 2005)

Nadya Mikhaylova is an excellent teacher. Her enthusiasm and energy that is seen during each and every lesson contributed towards Marias success. The knowledge of classical music that Maria has acquired from Nadyas lessons has contributed to Marias improvement and has helped Maria start composing her own music. Some of the music that Maria has learned includes Well Tempered Clavier Preludes and Fugues by Bach, Moment Musicauxs by Rachmanninoff, Sonatas by Beethoven, Preludes by Chopin and many contemporary music pieces. Nadya Mikhaylova dedicated a big part of the lesson to the analysis of deepness and expression of each work. Part of the process of learning about a music piece included listening to other great pianists and discussing different musical elements of the piano piece. Practicing sight reading in Nadyas classes has helped Maria become a piano accompanist at her high school for the choir and accompanist for several solo performances. Besides the amazing knowledge that Nadya has brought forth towards her students, she has also found a way to connect with each and every student. I am very pleased with the achievement of my daughter and the progress that Maria has accomplished would have never been possible if it wasnt for Nadyas knowledge, technique and musicality.


Olga Boeva



I've known and worked with Nadya Mikhaylova for almost three years. It was my pleasure to be involved in the committee hiring her as church organist and accompanist for Kirkwoood Presbyterian Church in Springfield Virginia. [] I have also had the opportunity of hearing performances given by students of Nadya's piano studio. Her students demonstrated a polish and quality rare in young musicians. I see the same poise, technique and musicianship Nadya displays echoed in her students.


As a musician and performer with 20+ years experience in the Washington Metro Area I have worked with a number of professional musicians and can highly recommend Nadya as a piano teacher.


Denise Gulley



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